Storeperson – Brisbane

Heston MRO- An independent MRO

Heston MRO Pty Ltd (Heston MRO) is one of the largest independent MRO companies in Australasia. Whilst this role focuses on assisting our Quality Team in the quality of line maintenance work, our wider business also deals in aircraft parking and storage, asset management and non-line maintenance repairs to name a few other business areas. 

We have Stations across Australia in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide focusing on our client base of over 20 clients in their line maintenance requirements. 

About the Role

The Store Person is responsible for the general operations of goods received, dispatched, and allocated in the airside storage facility, in Brisbane. 

Duties and Responsibilities 


The Store Person role has the following duties: 

  • Managing the flow of goods in and out of the storage facility using our inventory system- Envision 
  • Unloading deliveries and storing in the correct locations 
  • Checking all orders incoming for defects and that they match the delivery documentation
  • Picking, packing and dispatching orders to Stations as required
  • Ensuring and keeping an up to date understanding of parts and items in the warehouse
  • Liaising with Station Managers and other parties in a timely manner to meet deadlines 
  • Stock management tasks ensuring fully accessible inventory levels 
  • Always completing work in line with Heston MRO strategy and vision


  • Creating purchase orders for stock ordered and dispatched.

Health & Safety 

  • Actively promote safe working practices, ensuring safe, active engagement 
  • Following the ‘’Just Culture’’ protocol 
  • Actively ensuring adherence to SOPS 
  • Maintaining a clean storage facility environment 

Performance Indicators 

  • Operating with minimal waste to encourage operational efficiency.
  • Fulfilling a lean methodology of working 
  • Engage with Station Managers to enable planning of parts required against upcoming maintenance schedules with dependency around air flight schedules, to assist in meeting client contractual arrangements.
  • Raise Kaizens/opportunity for improvement, incident or near misses by reporting them through the SERA system.
  • Monthly stock take- counting and crosscheck.

What can we provide for you?

Heston MRO encourages our workforce to feel valued and empowered in both their professional and personal lives, we do this by adhering to our values and encouraging and manifesting our Culture.

Our Heston People propellers, propel us to meet our people verticals we focus on across our workforce. Some of those include, social opportunities, monthly company newsletter, referrals program, career development pathways, internal mobility, and regular feedback.

Our work environment includes an open-door policy, a hands-on management team, a recognition/rewards program and innovation with investment in new systems and technology.

We do provide some benefits too which include, Christmas gift vouchers, BBQ’s, free car parking, catered Christmas celebrations, gift voucher rewards, flu jab and an Employee Assistance Program.

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