Our Values

Our Values


To be the Customers’ first choice for the gold standard in aviation services, when and where required.


Heston MRO Team provides value-added aviation services at competitive prices to our global partners.


As an organization, we decided on what we – as a company – valued.

PRO - TAC (Professional Tactic)     

Professionalism – Respect – Ownership – Teamwork – Attitude – Customer service

(Wikipedia: “Tactic” means an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end )


We emphasize on both projecting a positive first impression and forging a lasting reputation with our customers and within the industry. Professionalism is cultivated by instilling reliability in execution, discipline, integrity and decorum in our team. We strive for continuous improvement, consistency and maintaining a just culture by adhering to our rules, processes, and code of conduct.


We are a multicultural organization in a global industry, therefore the respect, tolerance and acceptance of dissimilarities differences in others is paramount. We treat each other with kindness, civility and respect which builds a fair professional and personal space.


Our team members proactively take ownership for their conduct, duties and responsibilities. We care about all aspects of our job, our Company and its future which is displayed through everyday efforts and actions, both significant and minor.


We strive to work in unity towards a common goal. Supporting one another through encouragement along with sharing knowledge and experiences is our core belief as it builds trust and confidence amongst our team members. 


We approach every challenge with a positive “glass half-full” approach and an open mindset. We focus on delivering innovative solutions which are piloted by a “can-do” attitude and avant-garde approach of our team.

Customer service

Customer service is our prime goal and key focus as our customers are the driving force behind our success. We strive to provide efficient and consistent services alongside concise and fair communication with an empathetic and adaptable attitude ensuring the Company’s interests are also protected.