About Us

About Us

Heston MRO is one of the largest independent MRO organizations in Australasia. We provide full range of scheduled and unscheduled line maintenance, AOG recovery, aircraft parking and storage solutions, consumables, components, materials and logistics support services.

With utmost focus on safety and quality, Heston MRO engineers have been delivering customer-driven MRO services for 30 years now. We grow and develop together with our global customer base, investing in the capability and training to support latest aircraft technology platforms such as Boeing 787, Airbus A320NEO, A350 and others.

Being one of the largest independent MROs in Australasia, we understand and thrive on the changing needs of local and international airlines. Heston MRO is ready to open new line stations on demand and offer superior line maintenance, as well as components and materials support solutions. We build and customize MRO products around your operational needs, adding unmatched speed and flexibility to the execution process. 

In 2021, Heston MRO established a subsidiary in Europe as a platform for business growth in EMEA, CIS, and North America region.

Heston MRO - Corporate Background

Heston MRO, previously known as Aircraft Maintenance Services Australia, was established in 1992 to provide line maintenance services to international airlines. In 2007, became a division of SIA Engineering Company, continuing to provide high quality standard line maintenance services to Singapore Airlines & other international carriers. In 2018, the company was acquired by Heston Aviation with the goal to be developed to a truly independent and agile one-stop MRO service provider in Australasia.

Heston MRO Europe

Heston MRO Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heston MRO. Both companies are part of Heston Aviation Group, EU headquartered consolidated group of aviation businesses. Service verticals of Heston Aviation Group are:

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Services (Heston MRO and subsidiaries)
  • Asset Leasing and Trading (Heston Aviation and other entities)
  • Charter and ACMI Operations (Heston Airlines)

Heston MRO Europe is growing its range of offerings of Components, Consumables, and Materials solutions. We currently manage a network of warehouses strategically located in Europe (in Lithuania and Ireland), Australia and USA.

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